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Updates:  These comics update sporadically, and I’m really sorry about that. I know exactly how it feels to be waiting and waiting for a comic you’re reading to update, but I’ve got some big life stuff going on right now and cannot stick to a regular update schedule. HOWEVER, I plan to update Ompok Catfish (the comic I’m focusing on at the moment) in volumes, so you’ll have plenty to read in the mean time.

Ratings and Mature Content: As a general rule, my comics are not explicit, and they’re never explicit just for the sake of being shocking or gross. It just happens that every once in a while there’s a scene that gets a little steamy, or somebody kicks a zombie’s head off, or the story contains a mature theme. The ratings I assign in the descriptions are a general rule for that comic. If there’s a page that contains distinctly graphic imagery, I will give it a handy little “Mature Content” thumbnail to warn you before you click on it.

AND of course any resemblance to any persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. Totally.

All images are © Oxidants Happen Comics.