Lily’s Room

Sort of a special feature here. I draw floor plans for a lot of my comics (so I remember where furniture and stuff is supposed to be!). Here is a look at Lily McFlanzen’s attic bedroom from “Shut In”. Advertisements

The Sassy Moose

The little meters are supposed to show what is going on in our heroine’s head while ordering a drink from the cute bartender. Here we see a side of her that is more confident and outgoing, with the introduction of color symbolizing that she is feeling better in this moment. The world appears less grey … More The Sassy Moose

Going Out

Another episode of Shut In. These next few pages are going to be pretty light and fluffy – making for a nice change from the dark, serious ones. I was quite happy with how the little street scene came out…always wanted to name a bar “The Sassy Moose”.