Nuclear Phase Diagram

This is an updated nuclear phase diagram I just drew for Texas A&M. It is to be published in Nuclear Physics News International in an article entitled “A Laboratory Portrait” about the Cyclotron Institute. Click here for the article!

Cyclotron Logos

These are some logos I made for the 50th anniversary of Texas A&M’s Cyclotron Institute. They are a good example of my graphic design work. These logos were used on t-shirts, duffel bags, and were embroidered onto collared shirts.

Neutron-Proton Equilibrium

These are illustrations of the process of neutron-proton equilibrium after the collision of two 70Zn nuclei. These images were the first commission I did for Texas A&M’s Cyclotron Institute! Neutron Proton Equilibrium in the Physical Revue Letters Neutron Proton Equilibrium in the APS © Oxidants Happen Comics 2016

Proton-Proton Collisions

I made this illustration explaining proton-proton collisions for the poster and presentation that showcased the research project I did during the Texas A&M Cyclotron Institute’s summer 2015 REU. Click here to see my poster! Click here to see my presentation! Click here to see my abstract! © A. Poulsen 2015